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The Band

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Holly Would Surrender is a four piece Pop-Punk band from Hamburg/Germany. After a few changes in the line up over the years, today the band consists of Ole (vocals, guitar), Adrian (bass), Martin (drums) and Felix (lead guitar). Formed in the beginning of 2010, the band started writing songs and immediately hit the road. Their pop-punk heroes Blink 182, NOFX and New Found Glory (to name a few) inspired Holly Would Surrender, which is apparent in their style, songs and performance.

Holly Would Surrender's first EP 'Past Crimes – Hard Times' was released in 2010, before they ever performed live. Since then, they have shared the stage with bands such as Zebrahead, Mest, The Ataris and Patent Pending, among others. In 2013 'The Great Escape' was released by Monster Artists (in Germany, Switzerland and Austria).
2016, three years later the four piece comes up with ‘Kaleidoscope’, their second album, released by (digital) and White Russian Records (CD and Vinyl). They couldn’t have chosen a better album name as you can find exactly the variety of a rotating kaleidoscope in the songs. The lyrics are much darker than before, due to personal changes in Ole Baumert’s life. But the energie of melodic hymns  and catchy choruses get the songs stuck in your head.
Lyric support came from Joe Ragosta (Patent Pending) and vocal supporters were Tony Lovato (Mest), MC Lars and Nick Diener (The Swellers). And not to mention Dan Palmer's (Zebrahead) unforgettable guitar solo.


Album No.3 was released on SBÄM Records and is a special one. 'End Game' is a double EP. It includes the 2019 release EP 'wish you were bread' and 5 new Songs. The Song Never Surrender was written by Chris DeMakes from Less Than Jake. On the other Songs the Band worked with Luke Smithson from the Band Royals, who also lend his voice to the Song 'Doing Fine'.

For the Mix and the Master  we got some recurring names. Nick Diener made a great job on the Mix, while Jay Maas mastered all of the Songs.

Holly Would Surrender never cared about stereotypes and clichés. They get their inspiration from the most unexpected sources. How about 90s Eurodance?

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