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EPK - Holly Would Surrender


2022: Tour with Zebrahead

2019: Tour with Reel Big Fish

2017: Tour with Real Friends, Micorwave

2016/2017: Tour with Four Year Strong

2013/2014 Tour with Zebrahead

plus a lot of local support Shows with:

- State Champs

- Pennywise

- As it is

- Roam

- The Flatliners

- The Ataris

Holly Would Surrender

Holly Would Surrender is a four piece Pop-Punk band from Hamburg/Germany. After a few changes in the line up over the years, today the band consists of Per Ole Baumert (vocals, guitar), Adrian Peters (bass), Felix Klostermann (lead guitar) and Martin Schweinoch (drums). Formed in the beginning of 2010, the band started writing songs and immediately hit the road. Their pop-punk heroes Blink 182, NOFX and New Found Glory (to name a few) inspired Holly Would Surrender's identity, which is apparent in their style, songs and performance.

Holly Would Surrender's first EP 'Past Crimes – Hard Times' was released in 2010, before they ever performed live. Since then, they have shared the stage with bands such as Zebrahead, Four Year Strong, Real Friends, Boston Manor, among others.

In Spring 2013 'The Great Escape' – the debut album of the four teenage look-a-likes – was released by Monster Artists (in Germany, Switzerland and Austria) and on Radtone music (in Japan). The Sophomore Album "Kaleidoscope" was released in 2016 by Acuity.Music (digital) and White Russian records (CD and Vinyl). The albums presents itself with a healthy attitude of self confidence mixed with a touch of irony. The songs are fast and fun, packed with great melodies and are bursting full of positive energy. In each of them the songwriter and lead vocalist Ole tells a story where he has left someone or something behind, doing so in his own way, without any cheesy ballads and bombast. The result is a combination of archetypal Pop-Punk songwriting and a modern production.


This piece of Vinyl includes 5 new Songs and the 2019 released EP "wish you were bread"


They don’t care about stereotypes and clichés, they even name Britney Spears songs as an influence! Can you get more punk than that?


Young Again (Official Video)

from "End Game" 2022

Never Surrender (Official Video)

from "End Game" 2022

Doing Fine ( Official Video)

from "End Game

" 2022



phone: +49176/62028238

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